Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ultimate Cinema Complex

My friends out there will be pleased to know that my faith in movie-going has been restored. Too often in the last four or so years when I've decided to get my lazy arse to a cinema the experience has been a bad one, a tirade of insults being hurled by myself at a restless "far too young" audience, a scratchy second hand film print that looks like it's been resurrected from a New York Grindhouse circa 1972, sound quality that a 12inch black and white portable Tv could easily duplicate - well I think you get it - generally unpleasant.

I've always maintained that the very reason South African cinema-going attendance is on the decline is due to the fact that the experience itself is a horrible one, with all the problems and many more that I've listed above, not due to the fact that's it's expensive, 'cos it's not. South Africa is statistically one of the cheapest countries in the world to go and watch a movie on circuit.

All that has now changed since I found Cedar Square Cinema Nouveau this last Friday evening - what a fantastic experience. The seats were huge lounger type numbers, soft to the touch and the behind, the print was brand new, the sound was indeed dynamic digital sound, the legroom was ample, the audience were sophisticated ie. OLDER and the staff were both friendly and helpful and best of all - IT WAS STILL CHEAP!

I would have gladly paid the full price of R44-oo per ticket for an experience as memorable as this one, but with the CLUB CARD I had, I managed to secure 2 tickets for that price - awesome.

So if you do reside in the Gauteng area and you are an avid cinema fan, do yourself a favour right now and make your way to Cedar Square Noveau for THE BEST movie-going experience of your life- hands down...

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  1. I understand the difference that a theater makes. Even though I'm a stickler for budgets and cutting cost, I can't even consider going to the cheaper theater because I would rather just wait for the DVD.

    Cushy seat, a powerful sound system and a HD screen, with a movie that has wowed the masses is the only way that I can be coaxed "to get my lazy arse to a cinema"