Friday, February 26, 2010

New respect for DOP's the world over

Have just finished DOP duties on Mad Cow for Mikes Rix and Wright and after ten days of 12-16 hours a day am truly shattered. I think the film has some marketing potential but the main thing I've learnt on this shoot is that it's near impossible to shoot a feature film single cam over a ten day period, the schedule is just too gruelling, fun and creative as it was, after the 12 hour mark your body just starts to shut down, but the experience was an awesome one :)

Also, this project was in my humble opinion a little too ambitious for its very meager budget, this wasn't low budget film-making it was no budget film-making and what Mike Rix, his brother and the rest of the crew pulled off on a shoestring deserves applause and a sale at Cannes to say the very least, let's hope this time that fortune favours the brave 'cos these boys were brave and fearless warriors fighting against the clock.

Also both our leads had incredible comic timing and their performances certainly caught me by surprise, full kudos to Tanya and Greg, they came to the party and played hard.

Good Luck boys.